About Carl

Meet Carl Turnley


Carl Turnley is a natural-born leader and the current president of the KTC. Based in Lafayette, Turnley is an ambitious professional who started working for KTC as a repairman in 1990, and worked his way up over the next eight years to the position he now holds. He first was introduced to the field at the age of 12 by his father who offered him work at his telecommunications company. There, he performed all kinds of duties including physical tasks like climbing electric poles working with hardware to more strategic tasks like developing business plans.

Carl Turnley studied data communications and engineering at Texas A & M, graduated summa cum laude from University of Louisiana Lafayette, and later obtained his MBA from the Louisiana State University, graduating magna cum laude. He was invited into the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society for his academic achievement, and holds membership to this day. His training and innate proclivity for entrepreneurial excellence give him the capacities to manage the finances and logistics of his company, and execute strategies for improvement. What he likes most about his work is the racer mentality required to keep up with the ever changing facets of technology. This keeps him on his feet and his wits sharp. Racing is like the cycle of life – if you wait for it everyone will pass you by, however if you fight for it you will finish at the top.

Turnley is also an experienced traveler. In his own words, travel is the best form of education in order to avoid being small minded. Whether for business or personal reasons, Turnley makes sure to travel at least twice a month to get a feel for the way things are done outside of his everyday experience. His favorite place to see is London.

Carl Turnley’s tough and forthright outer layer doesn’t always reflect his warm-hearted interior. In addition to his long list of academic and professional accolades, Turnley has participated as a board member on a number of committees including the Rural Wireless Association  for which he served as a director. Outside of the office, he creates and contributes to a number of charities and community projects. Recognizing the role his own father had in introducing him to new things, Turnley hopes to provide young professionals with the inspiration and know-how to execute their own dreams. He contributes to civic organizations like Hearts for Hope and Faith House, local schools, and the Special Olympics. He donates his time in addition to money in order to provide the means necessary to educate and support young minds in recognizing values that were foundational to his own development.

When he has free time, he enjoys racing and hanging out with friends in relaxing environments away from the everyday bustle.